Latitude = Choose Freely

When we decided to start something that matters, one of the hardest decisions we made was picking a name for our evolving idea.  After multiple brainstorming sessions, discussing during long road trips, emails back and forth, and lots of nixing of each others ideas, we finally decided on the right word.  I’m really happy Mike thought of it because it really encompasses everything we’ve been feeling and it fits our little endeavor perfectly.

The word “latitude” means freedom of action, choice or thought.  We all have the latitude to make a choice, to think freely and to act on those thoughts and ideas.  Too often, though, doubt can get in the way of believing we’re capable of this.  My Dad (and Fivel Mousekewitz), however, always told me “never say never” and my Mom always told me “you can do anything you set your mind to”.  I’m a firm believer in both of those ideals and we are striving to push through and make positive things happen.  Our goal is to help others, the world and hopefully inspire others to believe anything is possible and to find their latitude.