Our Story(ies)

IMG_0831Lisa and Mike met in the summer of 2007.  Lisa just graduated from college and moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland for her first “real job” and met Mike on her first night on the town in Baltimore.  When Mike introduced himself, he said he was from Australia and Lisa immediately dismissed him because he was clearly not Australian (didn’t even fake an accent!).  At the time, they were both seeing other people, but about a year later they reconnected and the rest is history.  Lisa fell in love with Mike’s huge heart and cute butt and Mike fell in love with Lisa’s ambition and big brown eyes.  They sealed the deal on the Annapolis waterfront in September of 2012.

They knew that the big guy brought them together for infinite reasons and had big plans for them. Mike always had the urge to help people, give back and make a difference (probably got it from his humble, humanitarian father and his mother who educated kids in some of the roughest neighborhoods) and Lisa was always driven to learn, inspire, and make things happen (probably got it from all of her mother’s positive lecturing and her father’s honesty and work ethic).  When they got married, they joined heart and soul, but after 9 months they started thinking “what if we found a way to join both of our passions and start a business, too?”.

The idea started by planning their one year anniversary trip.  Instead of a luxurious vacation at an all-inclusive resort, they instead planned to spend their anniversary volunteering at a non-profit in Nicaragua. This would be the perfect opportunity to kick off finding their latitudes.  They balance each other in every aspect of life, are each others biggest fans and supporters, and they couldn’t imagine not being partners in life and in this socially conscious venture.


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