_ADH5496 v2It took an Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Masters of Business Administration, and six years under corporate fluorescent lights for me to finally listen to and act on a feeling that seemed to follow me everywhere.  I felt like something was missing in my life, like I wasn’t making a difference and I didn’t feel fulfilled by living the status quo.  After some traveling, monotonouse corporate work, an application to the Peace Corps, and a medical scare, I got back in touch with the things that made me happy and figured out what I really wanted to do with my life; take photos and inspire/help others.  I left the 9-5 and I found the balance I needed to fuel a fulfilling lifestyle by feeding my creative side with my commercial/editorial/documentary photography business and by getting involved in community service (the latter due much to the influence of my hubby).

My favorite quote is from the poem Invictus – “I am the Master of my fate.  I am the Captain of my soul”.  I’ve never been interested in following the leader or being conventional.  It’s hard to think outside the box and change the world when you are.

You can see some of my work at and


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