IMG_1418It’s truly remarkable how tragic events in your life can propel you to change.  It’s cliché, but there is not much of a choice.  Grieve, heal, and move to a happier place or live life “under the covers”.  After my Father passed away at the beginning of 2011, the struggle to accept this directive was not just a priority, but it was THE priority.  So, I’ve been on a journey to lose myself.  Say what?!  People are normally on a journey to find themselves, aren’t they?  Well, when you know you’re not yet the man God intended for you to be, you tend to want to leave your old self behind and transform yourself into something new and improved.  So, I took the time to become still, listen…truly listen…and connect with that voice that speaks only when you can slow yourself down long enough to hear it.  It was telling me to grow spiritually, help others, test the inhibited limits and lose the undue expectations I placed on myself over my first 30 years.  One step at a time, I’m broadening my realm.  Starting this site/business/adventure/epic story with my best friend and soulmate is a step that I couldn’t be happier to take.  I know it will only move us closer to the life intended for us…and that makes me smile.


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