Laguna de Apoyo


We left Masaya en route to where we would be spending the next five days – Laguna de Apoyo.  It was pretty easy to find being that it’s a huge, extinct volcano.  We drove up and up and up the side of the crater and paid our $1 fare to enter the reserve at the top.  As we started to descend down the other side the sight was un-be-lievable.  The crater lake was so MASSIVE and overwhelmingly beautiful and blue.  The road down was windy, steep, and boulder clad and I couldn’t help thinking how close to the cliff we really were.  We saw elderly men huffing it up the steep road, sweating as they carried huge bails of sticks on their backs.  Most of the homes in Apoyo use wood burning stoves, which is why these men needed the wood.  Being that Laguna de Apoyo is a protected nature reserve, however, taking the wood is technically illegal, but I guess they don’t have many other options.  It’s really hard to feel good about having the conveniences we do at home when you see people working this hard just to make a fire so they can feed their family.

We finally arrived on the shore of the laguna where the Peace Project Nicaragua was located.  We were so excited to check out our home for the next week and meet the people we would be working with.  Our adventure was really starting to begin….


Rotaract & The Peace Project!

Mike and I volunteered at the Peace Project Nicaragua in the Laguna de Apoyo back in September 2013. We had such a positive and enlightening experience there, that we found a way to continue giving back to an organization and mission that made such a difference in our lives. We are both board members of the Annapolis Rotaract Club (basically, it is Rotary International for 18-35 year olds) and I am the Director of International Service. Our club decided to take an international service trip and voted on going to the Peace Project! This August, four of our members will be making their way to Central America to volunteer with the same kids that touched our hearts a few months ago 🙂 Here is a little fundraising video I put together with photos from our trip there last year.